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Welcome to Weather Scoop, we are glad you stopped by. If you are a weather enthusiast, like to keep up on the
weather around the nation, or like to watch live weather happening, you have come to the right place.

Who we are.

We are a team of weather enthusiast that provide services to better inform the public of weather occurring around the nation. Combined with the team members below, we have a group of chasers and spotters from around the nation that routinely report weather updates and provide live video. These updates can be accessed from our Facebook page, and the live video can be seen on our Chase page.




Web Developer

Weather Forecasting

Weather Scoop utilizes tools such as Pivotal Weather, Baron weather tools, and other weather model data resources to formulate or forecasts. We are diligent and look at multiple data sets to ensure an accurate forecast is released. You can head on over to our Facebook page or our Blog to view our forecasts.

Nationwide Updates

Weather Scoop didn't want to just provide local weather updates, but wanted to provide updates from around the nation. Our team works hard to keep you up-to-date on weather impacting areas, road conditions, and more. We want you and your family to be safe!! Whether on travel or if a loved one lives in a different area than you, you can provide them with an update that could be life saving.

Radar Support

When severe/winter weather is occurring in an area, the team here at Weather Scoop will post radar images to inform you of which way the storm is headed and the threats possible with the storm. Again you can head over to our Facebook page to see live coverage of severe/winter storms.

Live Streaming

Weather Scoop has a team of chasers/spotter out in the field during severe weather/winter storm events. These personnel will give you their location and a live stream of the storm. We also allow outside team members to stream through our site as well. Pleas see below on how this works and if you would like to stream through our site.

How Live Streaming Works

1 Weather Scoop utilizes Spotter Network to obtain your location. To be able to stream through our site you will need an App that will be able to upload your location to Spotter Network. RadarScope or Spotter Location is a couple you could use.

2 Weather Scoop utilizes Twitch as the streaming service. We have found that Twitch is the simplest platform to utilize to work with our streaming platform. Therefore, you will need an active Twitch channel to be able to stream through our site.

3 Your location is broadcast to our map, then users can click on your marker and see your live stream. This will allow you to help others around the nation by warning them of severe weather events in their area and allow them to get to safety.


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